About Skill promise

Incorporated in August 2017, Skillpromise.com, a part of Sana Skillpromise Education Private Limited, is an e-learning platform that helps School students, Higher Education Students and Professionals, engage in skill development programs. Skillpromise programs integrate self-assessment and development need analysis, with an objective of continuous improvement

What do we do?

Skillpromise.com has a mission to create programs with high-quality, well researched and easy-to-imbibe content. In addition to helping individual learners, we offer flexible, cost-effective group memberships for Schools, Colleges, Universities and Corporate.

Skillpromise.com has team members from both, Corporate and Academic world, all of whom are focused on developing skill enhancement programs, with world class, incisive and comprehensive content to help you reach optimal levels of your efficiency.

Skillpromise.com has created “Learning Accountability Loops” that tightly integrate Self-monitoring, Self-Evaluation, and Self-Improvisation. This becomes possible when you:

  • Study the Program content
  • Identify your Strength and Improvement areas
  • Prepare an Improvement Roadmap with well-defined timelines
  • Track your performance

As a registered user of Skillpromise.com, you get access to the Analytics section where you can download summary of your performance in the programs you buy


Self-Assessment & Development Need Analysis (SANA) is the methodology used in all Skillpromise programs. Students and professionals are encouraged to introspect and access their strength areas and areas of improvement in programs that they take. This is followed by creation of an improvement plan with clearly defined timelines.

Employment Readiness program encourages students to focus on their academic, personal and professional growth so they learn how to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

The Skillpromise WayTM has been created based on years of experience in academia and industry

How Skill promise started?

Vikas Mehra, after spending 16 years in the corporate, with companies like GE Capital, Dell Computers, Franklin Templeton Investments, Microsoft etc., took up his passion, training, as a career in 2010. After working for a few years as a freelance trainer, he felt that the scope of upskilling people through classroom training is very limited and offers very less scalability.

This made Vikas Mehra form Skillpromise.com in 2017, an online platform where people could learn essential life and career skills.

Vikas Mehra
Founder & CEO

Values that guide Us


We demonstrate sound Moral principles at work.


We foster a culture of Respect for the Individual in our organization.


We believe in exploring New Ideas and considering Fresh Perspectives to make our business thrive.


We work hard to build Credible Partnerships to achieve business goals.


We Cultivate Enthusiasm, Energy, Sense of Urgency and Ambition, in ourselves and in others.

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