Want a high paying hybrid job - 4 skills you will need

By Abhijit Bhaduri September 12, 2019

The trend is unmistakable. Employers were beginning to ask for more than technical skills. The employers not only wanted a great coder, but someone who was a great communicator and one who worked well in a team. Now that trend has sharpened a little more. Employers will pay more for people who bring interdisciplinary thinking to complex jobs. They are called “Hybrid Jobs”.

Four years later the trend has some distinct patterns. A report predicts “hybrid jobs” will grow by 21% over the next decade and get paid 20% to 40% more than other jobs. Regular jobs will grow at a slower pace. Hybrid jobs is where you should focus now 

A hybrid job is interdisciplinary. It needs left brain as well as right brain thinking. The HR person needs to be skilled in HR tech besides having strong interpersonal skills. The Data Scientists and techies need to build language skills.